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51ff3bcb42b5cWhile many discerning motorists go out of their way to make sure that their engines, gearboxes and suspension systems are maintained in tip top condition, only a rare few pay attention to another component that goes through tremendous strain; the drive shaft.

The drive shaft of a car is responsible for transferring the power and torque from the gearbox to the wheels. This shaft has to maintain its strength to do its job, and at the same time, has to be flexible, as the car’s suspension will actually force this shaft to bend during the time that the suspension compresses. To enable the shaft to be flexible, a Constant Velocity (CV) joint is used, and this makes uses of several ball bearings to enable the shaft to be freely rotated on its axis. This ball bearing contraption is housed in a rubber boot that acts as a barrier against dust and foreign particles from going into the delicate and highly stressed CV joint. Once this rubber boot breaks, the admission of foreign particles can lead very quickly to premature wear and tear.

Common symptoms of drive shaft wear can appear as a clicking noise during turning or excessive vibrations while the car is on the move. Of course, vibrations and foreign sounds or noise can be attributed to a large variety of reasons, and the best way to find out is to seek professional advice.

Here at Elite Car Drive Shaft Centre, we cater exclusively to tackling drive shaft problems. With ready stocks of New and Reconditioned CV joints of different makes/models, a car can be in and out of the workshop within an hour for drive shafts replacement.

In-house repair of CV joints is also available (depending on the damage condition of the CV joint), and if a particular make and model is not available, immediate repairs can be done on the spot and ready within a couple of hours.

Our Power Steering Racks

51ff3bf0ec917Our Reconditioned Power Steering Racks have 3 months warranty. Each part has been thoroughly checked. Anything that does not meet the highest standards is discarded, including questionable cores. It is then rebuild with the best available seals, bushings, bearings and even gears. Before any power steering rack is ready for installation, it is double tested on both air and hydraulic machines. This enables us to catch leaks, binders and every other problem before it leaves the shop.

For the very rare Power Steering Racks that are not on our shelf, we can offer to recondition your existing rack with a very quick turn-around time. In most cases, we are able to recondition the rebuildable steering rack less than 24 hours after we receive it.

For inquires, please call us at 64820215.

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