Elite Car Drive Shaft Centre

Jason Ching

Contact Details:

160 Sin Ming Drive
#04-04 Sin Ming Autocity S(575722)

Phone: 6482 0215 / 6483 2935
Fax: 6554 1750
E-mail: elitedriveshaft@yahoo.com.sg

Mr. Jason Ching

Elite Car Drive Shaft Centre is a company that specializes in front wheel drive shafts for almost every make and model of cars. In addition, they also provide general repair work and engine servicing.

Established in 1976, Jason took over the business from his father in 2009. However, he is certainly no stranger to the industry, as he helped out in his father’s business since a very tender age. Jason fondly recollects the days where he would work for his father during his school holidays. It was by working for his father that he gained the necessary skills for him to transit into a full-time position after his National Service.

When asked about the initial challenges faced by Jason during his early days, he mentioned the problem of generation gap. However, Jason is not a person easily defeated, and he slowly integrated with the older generation through understanding and interaction. In addition, it is always of great importance that a company stays abreast of the times and offer services that are contemporary. As such, in order to serve their customers better, everyone at Elite must be a keen observer of the trends in this ever-changing world.

Elite Car Drive Shaft Centre is truly distinctive in the industry; this is because they are only one of the three companies in Singapore that offers services for front wheel drive shafts. In addition, they are the only company that offers services in power steering rack and box. The most important thing to the company is in their belief in customer satisfaction. The philosophy of ensuring customer’s satisfaction is based on the belief that the primary role of all company is to serve its customer’s needs.

To Jason, one of his proudest business achievements to date is actually more related to personal relationships than monetary reward, as he mentioned that he is proud that he has formed bonds with his employees. Clearly, Elite Car Drive Shaft Centre resembles more a family than a workplace. Jason went on to highlight that the company believes fully in teamwork and the power of a team to achieve success.

Elite Car Drive Shaft Centre has been able to garner much business even without much advertising. This may be largely due to positive reviews and word-of-mouth. While advertising may bring in a large amount of curious onlookers, at the end of the day, a company’s quality can only be gauged by the amount of positive reviews from its customers. With such great feedback from customers, it shows that the hard work and dedication of everyone at the company has paid off.

Due to the government’s upgrading plans, Elite’s current location will be demolished. However, Jason is an individual that will see this as a golden opportunity to relocate to a better location. Not only that, he sees this as a chance to renovate and upgrade the workplace to serve customers better. In addition, this is also a good opportunity for Elite to revamp their services, and include more services to create a one-stop solution for all their customers.

When asked about the necessary qualities that all successful businessperson must possess, Jason said, “You cannot let up, and motivation must be high. (Moreover) you must have sincerity and honesty so that you deliver your promise (to customers)”.

Furthermore, Jason said, “I had to learn from scratch, even if you have gone down a wrong path, you must learn from it”. Clearly, this shows the ability to come back to become even stronger after being defeated. This “never say die” attitude is something that has been a guiding principle for everyone at Elite.

Needless to say, with everyone in the company putting in unparalleled amount of hard work and dedication, success will only willingly follow. With a principled approach to business, it is certain that Elite Car Drive Shaft Centre will continue its stronghold on success for many years to come.

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